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All Wake Forest High School Band programs are funded by students and families.  The Wake Forest High School Band Boosters are a non-profit organization (made up of band parents or guardians) designed to collect and raise funds in order to run these Band Programs.  Marching band is an extra-curricular activity which receives little funding from the school system. That is why the cost of funding this worthwhile activity is shared equally by all the participants and is referred to as a student’s “Fair Share.”

Paying your student’s “Fair Share” is part of the commitment of being in marching band. The “Fair Share” funds everything from purchasing music for the season, caring for uniforms, paying staff/consultants, bus transportation for away football games and competitions, equipment and large instrument maintenance, etc.

Fair Share” payments can be made in installments during marching band season (deadlines for these installments are on the marching band calendar). And, to help offset the cost of the “Fair Share,” you and your student can participate in fundraisers.

We put the FUN in FUNdraising!

You and your student will have several opportunities to fundraise to help the marching band. While some fundraisers are designed to support the marching band’s general operating fund, most fundraisers are specifically designated to help offset the cost of the “Fair Share.”

15%-20% of families pay for ALL of their “Fair Share” because of successful, committed fundraising.  Some fundraisers that exist are: Scrip discount card program, volunteering at  PNC Arena and Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Smile.Amazon, and more. Fundraisers are also a time to work together with your fellow band members and band parents and are a great way to make new friends.

After the “Fair Share” amount is met, any additional money raised can be applied to other band-related costs, such as trips! AND…any extra money in the band student account at the end of the school year will roll over to the next year if your student remains in the band! The money is also transferable to a sibling if he/she is currently in Wake Forest High School’s band program.

Please see the page links under this Fundraising tab for more information on the programs we have to offer!

Mike Allen (Band Booster President)  / Craig Compton ( Band Booster VP) Co-Fundraising Chairs


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