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During the months of April through October, our Wake Forest High School Band Boosters run a fundraising opportunity to work at Walnut Creek Amphitheater.  We provide the opportunity for our parents to volunteer at Walnut Creek where we staff a concession stand for concerts.   Working at Walnut Creek is a great opportunity to contribute  funds towards your student’s Fair Share account and  help to offset YOUR marching band or other band related expenses.  Most of the profit from this activity goes directly to your student account with a small percentage going to the Band Booster general fund. We currently have one stand  that we staff for every event at Walnut Creek where we typically staff 3- 5 volunteers.   In order to volunteer at Walnut Creek you must complete alcohol awareness training (TEAM training) which consists of a single session lasting roughly 90 minutes.    Training opportunities are communicated throughout the season.

Working at Walnut Creek is not hard work and can be a lot of fun! It is a great opportunity to meet some of the other band parents, members of the community, and other high schools parents.

Look for information about this fundraiser starting around March or April as to the concerts that are coming and the training classes. For questions, please contact Karin Kuropas at walnutcreek@WFHSBands.com.

Additional Details:

What is involved? WFHS Band Boosters, Inc. staffs a concession stand at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre. Volunteers must arrive 90 minutes prior to Gate Opening, set up the stand, serve customers, and clean up. Usually that means arriving around 5pm and leaving around 11:00pm.

How do I find out about the events?  All Walnut Creek event information is available on SignUpGenius at the following link:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a054ca8a8229-2017

Emails will also be regularly sent out detailing events, needs, etc… These emails will be sent to the email accounts you provided to Mr. Tucker as a part of registration.

How much do I earn? WFHS Band Boosters, Inc. guarantees $30 per person per event which is posted directly into your child’s personal Band Account. At the end of the season, a bonus will also be posted to your account. The bonus is dependent upon the shows that come, the weather, and tips, and is distributed equally amongst all who work based on the number of events worked.

Can this money be used toward my Band Fees? YES!!! This money can be used toward Band Fees, music lessons, instrument purchases and repairs, music purchases, wind ensemble dresses and tuxedos, dinkles (marching band shoes), gloves, and band trips.

What is the required dress code/attire? Black pants or shorts and closed-toed, closed-back shoes must be worn and provided by the volunteer.  Legends issues shirts for each event at the volunteer check-in desk that must be turned in at the end of the night.

What training is required? TEAM training as provided by Legends. Contact Karin Kuropas at walnutcreek@WFHSBands.com


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